Don't brake (Ne Koci)

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Don't brake

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And your eyes looked at me that night
I am calling your name, please open (the door)
Don't stop me, I am running trough this town now
I am following her straight and not turning around
When you are alone, call when you are alone
I am here in half an hour, I am coming
A full double (line on road) because of you, crazy head
goes trough the red (light) trough the half of city
So give, give, give me little time tonight
I am asking if you would want me
What would you desire (to experience) with me
Just step, step on the gas, you say: "I want faster"
While they are driving behind us, heart is beating, going crazy
Red dress on (covering) legs
I know that you tried (wore) it last night
She calls with glance (eyes), (and then) I am leaving everything
and everything happened without a breath and talk
This is the fast city, everyone has flaws
I will exchange mine (flaws) for your good sides (aspects)
Your skin is always good for wounds (his wounds)
and my cold eyes are here to defend you
Don't, don't brake while I'm driving
Nights are calling me, I will go trough (them) with you
No, and we are not that bad
Expend (waste) your lips on my skin
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Ne Koci

linds113     August 21st, 2012

What is this song about exactly? Even with the translation I still don't understand it...

milijana     August 22nd, 2012

I corrected translation a bit, but it's pretty much exactly how I translated it. The song is saying how he is crazy and longs for a woman and does stupid things to be with her.
It doesn't have some bigger meaning, you just have to get used to the way they make their lyrics I'm afraid.

linds113     August 22nd, 2012

Oh okay Smile
Well do you know who is "you" and who is "she/her" in this song? It's like they're talking about two people?

milijana     August 22nd, 2012

Yes, the trouble with English is that you most of time can't tell faces. I Serbian we can, so there is no confusion.

In the first stanza in 2 first lines he is talking to the girl, and then telling people (his friends or whomever) not to stop him.
In the second and third stanza he is singing all to the girl.
In forth stanza in first 2 lines he is talking directly to her again, and in other 2 lines he is telling to listeners about her and what happens with him when he is with her.
And the last 2 stanzas he is talking to the girl.

I hope I helped a bit, if not, I'll try again Smile

linds113     August 22nd, 2012

Ohh, that makes so much sense now. Thank you so much!! Smile