Te Fuiste

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Te Fuiste

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I Opened my eyes at dawn

And I see disroder in the bedroom

I found that your things were not there

and Thinking it causes me fear

because you left

You left me alone

me dejas solo

You left me and I thought who will be the owner of your kisses

who will empower(be in control of) your body

who will be there when you feel fear

and who will undress you... and I loved you in silence

I am not prepared for your game

You took adavntage of me, because I loved you

and don't explain to me why you did this

and I go to bed and wake up suffering

me dejas solo
me dejas solo

Oh, tell me if I failed you

If I made you cry

Forgive me

I suffer if you go and I cry because you are not here

And I feel that I am dying inside, If you leave my love

And I don't understand your game

I am bind

I need you love

go and tell her that my bed is empty

that to him she surrendered

but she is in my thoughts all day

Tell her mai! Run and explain to her already

that you are with him for fear of lonliness

but tell her your body is mine

that I left first

that I am your baby boy, that I am your fire

her eternal love, owner of you body mai!

I'm going there and let's make it our reality

y veo desorden a la habitación
y de pensarlo me causa temor

me dejas solo

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