Sun system (Sonnensystem)

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Sun system

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We are somewhat at the end and the beginning
And we also stick together for the first time
Enemies become friends, lie in each others arms
Who would have thought this?
We stand at the orbit, no matter where to
Hold 6 billions of thumbs into the wind
Who know if we are still alive tomorrow?
The look goes out into the night
What have we done wrong?
Hello spaceship captain
Hello have you seen this?
All the stars are misssing
In the black sun system
In the black sun system
Some say they've seen something
Some believe it's only temporary
For moment all hearts stop
Have so long felt nothing anymore
Have chilled down too much
I fall through the night
And search for you
Everything breaks deep inside of me
The dreams burn
The love freezes
We scream together alone
Postat de Steena la Sâmbătă, 03/10/2009 - 20:56
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Wir sind irgendwie am Ende und am Anfang
Und wir halten auch zum ersten mal zusammen
Feinde werden Freunde liegen sich im Arm
Wer hätte das gedacht?
Wir stehen an der Umlaufbahn egal wohin

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AllenSR6 ani 8 săptămâni
    Decembrie 3rd, 2009

I wonder what the inspiration behind this song was?

inciska     Decembrie 3rd, 2009

wow I just love the lyrics!! Laughing out loud

    Decembrie 14th, 2009

sad song Sad But I love it!!!!! ^ ^

    Decembrie 22nd, 2009

sonnensystem translates as solar system btw...

Steena     Decembrie 22nd, 2009

both exist Wink solar system is the astronomical way to put it while sun system is more common in the daily use.

tokiosheffy     Iunie 4th, 2010

omg i can't wait for this video on june 18th! Laughing out loud
you translated it awesomely, by the way.
maybe their inspiration was the fact that the economy seems to be failing? just a suggestion (idk if it was when they wrote the song though. :confused: