Your Eyes (Ochii tăi)

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Your Eyes

Your eyes remind me how much we loved each other
And how like two children we held each other in our arms
I remember when you told me that you love me
But I don't understand now why you're leaving me
I live surrounded only by bad people
And all I remember are your eyes.
I loved you too much
But for you it didn't matter
You left my life
And from then followed
Sleepless nights full of pain
But your memory is now my greatest wealth
My heart cries within me from missing you
And no one will love you how I love you.
I remember your eyes each night
I'd give the moon in the sky to know you're always near
You were everything for me
Without you it's hard for me
You left a lot of pain in my soul
And however I might try to believe I no longer love you
My thought is only of you, I remember your eyes.
I miss you so much
My delicate girl
I'd give anything in this world
To hold you to my chest once
To caress you, to kiss you
For you to be my love again
I miss you so much
Come back into my life
I won't ever be able to forget your eyes
Nor the nights when you swore true love to me.
Postat de Katherine0825 la Luni, 19/09/2011 - 00:05
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Ochii tăi

Ochii tăi mi-amintesc cât de mult ne iubeam
Și cum ca doi copii în brațe ne strângeam,
Îmi amintesc când îmi spuneai că mă iubești,
Dar nu-nțeleg acum de ce mă părăsești,

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turcanin5 ani 11 săptămâni
    Decembrie 13th, 2011

Katherine0825: I'm having trouble with this line: Imi este atat de dor de tine / De finetea mea de fata. You have translated: I miss you so much / And my girlish delicateness.

I don't three guys would sing about "my girlish delicateness." I wonder if it's not something like: "I miss you so much, / the softness of my girl" (that is, explaining what he is missing).

What do you think? (Romanian is not my language--I just happen to like a lot of songs in Romanian, so I try hard to understand.)

Katherine0825     Decembrie 14th, 2011

Well, the possessive (mea) modifies finetea, which is why I put it the way I did. However, I do tend to agree that three guys wouldn't be singing about "my girlish delicateness"...unless he is referring to HER as "delicateness". I think it's more understandable to say "the delicateness of my girl". Makes sense to me. ~K

turcanin     Martie 2nd, 2012

De fineţea mea de fată=My so delicate/ gorgeous girl.

Suppose it means „de fata mea atât de fină”.

Katherine0825     Decembrie 17th, 2011

Thanks. It is a very unusual wording. One of those that makes you think pretty hard!


AdamR     Februarie 23rd, 2012

Imi este atat de dor de tine / De finetea mea de fata. ????
"I miss you so much / My girl so delicate." Smile

Nice .... but obviously you couldn't extract the proper meaning, but thanks, you made my day with your creativity... Smile
It doesn't refer to any delicate girl at all, but simply refers to the "face" of writer (his own face) , good mood of his face as in old times... like he doesn't remember when his face was smiling last time, or like he is missing his happy times when his face was in good shape and mood in the past...
Literally correct full writing would be as follows for your better understanding :
Imi este atat de dor de tine / Si imi este atat de dor de finetea mea de fata.
I miss you so much / And I miss good mood of my face so much as well .

I think all clear now, and you can correct your translation accordingly.

Katherine0825     Februarie 23rd, 2012

Thank you. When people don't use the Romanian diacritics in the original, and don't post a video or link so one can listen to the words, it sometimes messes things up. I know what you mean now, and in the US we'd probably say something like "I miss you so much, (I miss) my smiling face." Now it makes a lot more sense.


turcanin     Februarie 23rd, 2012

With diacritics:

Doar făcea furori în tinereţe cu: "Ochii tăi îmi amintesc cât de mult ne iubeam/ Şi cum ca doi copii în braţe ne strângeam/ Îmi este atât de dor de tine, de fineţea mea de fată/ Aş da orice din lumea asta să te mai strâng la piept o dată".

De fineţea mea de faţă???

Something's missing alright!

You might try the video on the main page too.

Katherine0825     Februarie 23rd, 2012

Where is the video? I want to actually hear it before I edit. Is it on Youtube?


turcanin     Februarie 23rd, 2012

It should be here:

In my comment:

You might try other links:

Katherine0825     Februarie 23rd, 2012

OK, I listened to it. That settled it Smile


Calusarul     Februarie 23rd, 2012

Katherine! You translated this song without listening to it? That's just wrong.
From this point on, no one else is allowed to translate this song in any language without... dancing on it.
Ego dixit.

Katherine0825     Februarie 23rd, 2012

@Calusarul--Yep, I translated it without listening to it and without the original having diacritics, which is where the confusion came in! If I'd just been able to pull up YouTube on my work computer this morning to check it out, I wouldn't have had to edit and re-edit!


turcanin     Februarie 23rd, 2012

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!
Much ado about nothing.

oameni răi = mean people

AdamR     Februarie 25th, 2012

And, the consensus about the word is "fátă" , si nu "faţă" ? Smile vai de mine... so he looks like he is missing the fineness of his girl.. nice.
Ok, then, I'll do it so as well. Thank you turcanin.
But it is absolutely misleading (wrong) if it is translated into Turkish exactly as "De fineţea mea de fată" ...
So, I'd prefer to do it something like "Si de fineţea a ta..." ..but it is not as it is..anyway.

Calusarul     Februarie 25th, 2012

I took the liberty to fix (a bit) the original lyrics, I hope it becomes more clear to you now.

turcanin     Februarie 25th, 2012

Come to think of it, Vârciu might be referring to himself.
He has a girlish delicateness, while his girl doesn't: she actually has a bigger nose than his. Laughing out loud

Calusarul     Februarie 26th, 2012

Turcanin, did you call for me? I smell something fishy in here... You've spotted a girl with a big nose? Send her to me, I'll cut it off unless you don't. Tongue

turcanin     Martie 2nd, 2012

It's not all about you! :biggrin:

Katherine0825     Februarie 27th, 2012

LOLOL...thanks for adding diacritics!


Calusarul     Februarie 27th, 2012

My nose is not the only big thing I have. There's also my ego.
Văd că am pus forma negativă după unless, bravos, națiune!