Paranoia [ Paranoia (Паранойя) ]

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We were digging little pits in the trenches
We were missing missiles
Yanks are roaming along the boarder
Unaware of our presence nearby

But stars were smiling in the sky
At night you're always playing
We will sew wings on each other's backs
I am flying and so are you

Dream in a long paranoia
I dream in a long paranoia

We were changing letters in a word
Studying kamasutra
Overeating on love
Early in the morning, on the boarder

But cloudlets were smiling in the sky
Spying and shooting
Ah, if only they were made of silk threads,
Then, perhaps, they wouldn't get us

The sidewalks smell like soap
Oh God, we've fell in another (trap)
An expression of affliction
Froze up on your face

But don't think about it, we're good
We wanted to go past so much
We will darn our wounds, our wings
Congratulations — we made it!

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Paranoia (Паранойя)

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