What Has Consumed Me? (Pe mine ce m-a mâncat)

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What Has Consumed Me?

Oh, oh, oh...
What has consumed me,
Withered me, dried me out?
Seven girls from the village
And a married woman with a husband!
But that devilish woman
Told her husband about me
She brought trouble down on my head
She made me the laughingstock of the village
Oh, oh, oh...
And girls, you've left me
You've all gotten married
You've gone after some man
and left my heart shriveled
Since you don't believe what I say
And seem to take it as a joke
I'll name them all to you
So you don't think I'm just gossiping
Oh, oh, oh...
One is Bran's Visha
Another is Stan's Musha
Whom I loved for a year
And there's the one who took Coman's name
Green, green and lush--
That which was green has grown sere
That which bloomed has grown barren
But those whom I loved, I've not forgotten
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Pe mine ce m-a mâncat

Pe mine ce m-a mâncat,
M-a veștejit, m-a uscat?
Șapte fete dintr-un sat
Și-o nevastă cu bărbat!
Dar nevasta dracului
Mă spuse bărbatului,

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fulicasenia     Mai 13th, 2012

I'm sorry, it's another guesslation! The grammar is too hard for me. I just did my best.

Calusarul, I love this song! Thanks for posting it, sorry for mutilating it in my sorry translation! Funnily enough, here,

they seem to be having an argument over whether this group is playing vile manele! I guess that's why I like it so much Laughing out loud

Calusarul, thanks for the help, I've revised the translation accordingly.

Calusarul     Mai 13th, 2012

wikipedia: The manele can be divided into "classical manele" and "modern manele". The "classical manele" are a Turkish-derived genre performed by Romani lăutari in a lăutărească manner, while the "modern manele" are a mixture of Romani music with Turkish, Greek, Middle Eastern and, to a lesser extent, Indian elements, generally using modern (electronic) instruments and beats.

Calusarul     Mai 13th, 2012

Yeah, Romanian grammar is difficult for Romanians too. But I used to love it when I was studying it in school. By the way, it's another good guesslation.

Una e Vișa lui Bran, = One of them is Visha* of Bran**
Alta e Mușa lui Stan, = Another is Musha of Stan
Cu care mă iubeam an¹, = Whom I've loved for one year / whom I was in love last year
Și luă pe nea Coman. = And who married Coman***

* names aren't usually translated
** Bran is her husband or father, probably husband in this context (it's like Kristin Lavransdottir = Kristin the daughter of Lavrans or like Maria Popova, wife or daughter of someone called Popov)
*** "nea" indicates that Coman is possibly a bit older than the one calling him that way.