Poets of paradise (Heaven) [ Poetas do Paraiso ]

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Poets of paradise (Heaven)

Poets of paradise (Heaven)
So naked of ambition. (it means without ambition)
Tell this indecisive world
That nothing is more necessary
Than four inches of ground.
Tell it poets, tell it
To the cowards and to the brave ones.
That the world has its laws
Everyone is born like a king,
Everyone dies like a slave.
Pray poets, pray
For the poor humanity.
Everything dies, everything falls down.
And even life fall to pieces (vanishes)
Without reaching the truth
Only four inches of ground
Nothing more is necessary!
So naked of ambition
Sing the voice of good sense
Poets of paradise (Heaven).
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Beautiful lyrics! They have a very deep meaning!

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Poetas do Paraiso

Poetas do paraíso,
Tão despidos de ambição.
Dizei ao mundo indeciso,
Que nada mais é preciso
Que quatro palmos de chão.
Dizei poetas, dizei
A cobardes e a bravos.

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Kamran     Iunie 6th, 2012

Many many thanks, Cassia. Wonderful translation.