Make the first move (Prendre les devants)

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Make the first move

Don't know how to say it to you, I die longing
I can't take it anymore, even though I believed I would
Will you manage to understand me?
To picture you at night by her side in her bed
If I had to I would wait, but I don't want to anymore.
Don't want to believe you anymore, sorrow is killing me
I'm lost, I have my doubts when you say it's over with her
Please let me make the first move, baby
Please let me make the first move, baby
(let me) decide for you, what's good for you
I confess my love, you're my only one.
WHen you're with her you're bored, with me you're smiling
You torment me, it's too hard to see you half gone
Oh Axel I understand, if only I had know she was there before
me I would have run from you. I'm not the one to break up a couple.
A: do you think it's easy?
N: mmmmmmmm
A: you want to chose for me?
N: no no
A: I think about it day and night but whan she smiles to me I feel remorses... I would like to tell her everything, it's true, (but) who knows what she might do, yes, when she will learn that inside of me my decision is taken
N: do it for me
A: I'll do it for you
N: make up your mind
A: At last my mind is made up, Nilâ
N: That's not like me at all
A: I know, Nilâ
N: mmmmmmmmm
A: don't be mad at me
N: mmmmmmmm
A: I'm wrong to love you, I love you madly but she's still loving me
N: and I love you even more
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Prendre les devants

Jne sais cmnt tle dire , Je me l'enviieee dattendre
Je nen peut plus meme si jai cru
Sauraa tu le comprendree ?
Timaginee la nuit ... Aupres d'elle dns son lit
Sil le fallait je pattienterai ms je nai plus envie
Je ne vx plus te croiree , Je me Meurt de chagrin !!
je suis Perdu, PAs Convaincue Knd tu dit kil se passe rien !

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