Indifferent (Ravno do Kosovo)

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Can you hear the beating of my heart
As you can anticipate a storm before the break of the day
Can you hear the bells ringing
To my moribund soul
You are indifferent to anything
You stopped paying attention to the things around you long ago
You have everything you claim for, everything you need,
But you have no one who loves you endlessly
Do you see a rainbow in my eyes
With a vanishing tear
Do you see the dying sun
And this dimming love
Postat de Guest la Marţi, 24/04/2012 - 17:24
Comentariile autorului:

*Ravno do Kosova - idiom, meaning: being indifferent, impassive, don't-care attitude, careless...

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Ravno do Kosovo

Cujes li srce kako mi lupa
k'o nevreme pred zoru
cujes li zvona sto zvone
mojoj dusi na umoru

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