Break me (Riko minut)

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Break me

Break me to shreds
Smash me secrets to splinters
Chop me up to atoms
Crush my memories to crumbles
Trample my knowledge to dust
Smash my rage to junk
Stamp down to ground all this insanity
And the bottomless selfishness
Break me
So that I can become whole again
Break me gently
But completely
Tear off everything unnecessary
Then it will be easier for me to be
Break me with your love
Puncture me to pieces
Don't let me reach my destination
Enchant your mouth to a saber
Slash my lies to bleed
Forge your iron overnight
Through rest and through work
Smash my derision to the wall
Strike three times in a row
Postat de petteri_t la Marţi, 10/04/2012 - 01:10
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Riko minut

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