Let's dance bossa nova

Try to align

Let's dance bossa nova

Chandeliers of stars are lighting
Sheepish flowers of the night,
I look at their glazed eyes
And I call you

I call you to dance bossa-nova
The two of us and the summer dusk,
I call you to dance bossa-nova,
To dance

Wafts of zephyrs go
Like the whisper of longing,
Maybe they too wish your kiss,
Your kiss, my love

Shadows appear between the viper's grass
Serene as a lover's grin,
I look at their glazed eyes
And I call you


Postat de locthebard la Luni, 21/05/2012 - 20:07
Comentariile autorului:

1st stanza
English has a notorious deficiency in demonstrative pronouns. literally, 'Ce par flori sfioase de noapte,' = 'which seem like sheepish night flowers' This is also why some bossa songs translated from Portuguese don't make much sense.
3rd stanza:
dor=longing, yearning, and 'a dori' = to wish -> ele doresc (they wish, plural feminine)
luceafar = also planet Venus, or could mean simply 'between the stars'. It is typical for songs to have double meanings. 'Luceafarul' is a poem written by Mihai Eminescu.

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