Saturday [ Savvato (Σάββατο) ]

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In the middle of the week, every night,
I remember you and it gives me hard pain
Friday, sad day
Our finale
Every night of the Saturday
I cry, I go to dead
Because of you
This day we were goin' out
Now how can I stand alone that
You're not there
A taste of lonelyness
Friday, rainy day
God crys cuz I'm alone
Postat de elenmjlove la Luni, 26/07/2010 - 16:39
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Savvato (Σάββατο)

Μεσοβδόμαδο κάθε απόβραδο
σε θυμάμαι και βασανίζομαι
κι η Παρασκευή μέρα θλιβερή
του φινάλε μας η παραμονή

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