You had gone already (Sen coktan gitmissin)

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You had gone already

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I didn't know
Neither you nor me
Saw that saw

And never stopped to hear
Breath of my heart
I was loved and loved by myself
And lost it all in one moment

I hoped, was ill
It's about to rain from my eyelashes
I trusted and didn't
You're going from my hands

I don't know would
Postman call my door, don't think so
I know you won't come back
You had gone already

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Sen coktan gitmissin

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sirtred     Iunie 3rd, 2011

"Breath of your heart" yerine "Breath of my heart"
"Rain fell from my eyelashes and it will" yerine "It is about to rain from my eyelashes"
"Postman call my door, don't think that" yerine "Postman call my door. Don't think so" olsa
"I know you won't back" yerine "I know you wont come back" olsa
"I had gone many times ago" yerine "You had gone already" olsa
daha güzel olur sanki.