Silence (Silencio)

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What a pity being a person
who wants to give up¹,
and who doesn't see
a foot ahead of the nose.
Singing for someone that hears nothing,
or dancing to someone that doesn't want to see anything.
My hands are tied,
My mouth is an empty,
My feets are stuck,
My throat is but a knot.
Singing for someone that hears nothing,
or dancing to someone that doesn't wish to see anything.
Silence sits on the window
Come on, drink some coffee
While we are awaiting, we look at the blank screen.
Postat de dowlenon1 la Sâmbătă, 28/04/2012 - 23:00
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¹ give up: the singer does not show who he probably would be giving up on (or what).

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Que pena ser alguém
que não quer mais
que não enxerga
um palmo a frente do nariz
cantar prá quem não ouve nada,
dançar prá quem não quer ver nada

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electrosys     Aprilie 28th, 2012

The song makes more sense to me now ... but as you comment, it is still a little cryptic: perhaps "giving up" relates to life itself, or an insensitivity to love ? Maybe we are not meant to know ?
... and what, I wonder, is the significance of waiting, whilst looking at a "blank screen" ?

My heartfelt thanks for your help.

dowlenon1     Aprilie 29th, 2012

Hello Electro,

I think the singer didn't want us to know about that, as you said.

About the "blank screen", unfortunately I couldn't find some answer. But, it might be a Television, or the person is just looking at outside the window...