Fair maiden (Skjøn Jomfru)

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Fair maiden

A fair maiden was walking on the high mountain
looking down at the deep valley.
there, she saw a ship comes sailing, (x2)
three counts were onboard.
The youngest count
that was on the ship,
he wanted to marry, to marry
me (the maiden) as young as I was.
So he took off his finger
a golden red ring.
then he said, beautiful girl, beautiful girl,
I would like to give this to you.
When the young man was away
there came another (again).
that stole her heart (pleased her)
and they were very good together.
When the young man found out
great grief came upon his heart.
he changed his clothes
and went to where the wedding took place.
The young man walked in the bridal house
and asked to dance with the bride
and they were dancing there so snederlig (?)
and she turned pale as a corpse.
Tell me why you turn so pale
and why you turn so blue?
because the others have tricked me, (x2)
and said that you were dead.
I know 1the others tricked you
and said that I was dead,
tomorrow before the sun will rise (the dawn)
you'll shall see me dead.
The young man entered her room,
closed the door and locked it behind him.
then he took his hourglass, (x2)
and put it infront of him.
The hourglass was turned
and the hour was over (time was done)
so he took out his shiny sword, (x2)
and stabbed himself to death.
look here young girls (?)
look here at my best friend.
you lied to me (you were two tongued)
and had tvende (?) love.
  • 1. Ja haver - probably archaic usage, literally meaning "I have it that"
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this song is said to be taken from Tresfjord i romsdal.

here's another version : http://www.visearkivet.no/pdf_filer/gamle_viser/skjonn_jomfru.pdf

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Skjøn Jomfru

Skjøn jomfru gikk på høyen fjeld,
så ned i den dype dal.
der så hun et skip kom seilende, kom seilende
tre grever var ombord.
Den alle yngste greven
som der på skipet var,
han ville seg trolova, trolova,

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