Tu lo dices que salir
A mi, lo tanto mis queria.
Que es mentira, yo la contre
Por la calle, yo se, me enamore.

E-e-e-e-i....Y de un amor,
Que no me diga
Que la quieria
Toda la noche.

El dia me enamore
Con no me fui pasa el dia
Yo que cantare ay, mujer
Te quiero mar vivir
Como la noche y yo la pase
Sin nada
Te veo yo
No me digas, es nada,
Te buscare.
No me digas nada,
Te buscare.


Que estas el amor que te
Un dia ya cuerto de pase
Si tu eres mia
Como es nada si el
A un dia te veo a mirar
E-e-e-e-i....Como el amor
Lo llegara
Si pasa tiempo
Que el si fuera
Y ya cariña
A sin recuerdo


Try to align
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You say that leaving
Me, so I wanted.
That it's a lie, I found it
On the street, I know, I fell in love,

E-e-e-e-i.... And of a love
that don't tell me
that I loved her
The entire night

The day I fell in love
With nothing I left passes the day
The kisses that will sing ay, woman
I want to live you more
Like the night and I spent it
Without anything
I see you
Don't tell me, it's nothing,
I will search for you.
Don't tell me anything,
I will search for you.


That you are the love that I want
One day already short of passing
If you are mine
As it is nothing if I
See you look one day
E-e-e-e-i.... Like the love
I would arrive
If the time passes
That he if he is
And already love
Without a memory

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This song is really hard because it's actually south-french dialect of Spain that takes words from Spanish and French. Also, I could tell all the Spanish lyrics didn't match with what the Gypsy Kings were saying, so I had to sort of guess.

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