City of Angels (Stadt der Engel)

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City of Angels

I write this track for the ghettos, for the blocks and people
I stay awake, come at night, mug you like a snob
Your society makes money, I want my share
Cell 139 and you hit the curb
The smog I breathe, the concrete in my body
You want beef, keep it real, boy come, I feel like it
High society, we come, no Picasso, that's life
Therapy, you have style, doesn't matter, go f*ck yourself
Robin Hood remains an idiot, I steal money and keep it
Express no regret in front of the judge because I will not become old anyways
In a bad mood, I feel hatred, discuss and people are hit
Come drink your tea, my lifestyle provocates the people
Your city is burning, you become pale and you run
Though I do not care for you, you s*ck
Asocial, night club, come on over, I want a fight
There is one on one, but I slaughter pork
Provocative on the street, start removing your jewelry
Gangsterrap for the whole country, directly from Berlin
Ghettorap criminal, I'd just like to do it now
Eat you up completely, cocaine-battery
Ghettosound, pull the trigger, everything numb, I'm on it
I do it on your couch, let her leave, your woman
And the city of angels gets a visit
I go to prison but get your blood
Hook (Nyze):
He marches through hell into the city of angels
When he arrived it was burnig
And you feel this hatred, this rage
Of a man who lost everything in prison
Hook (Bushido):
He marches through hell into the city of angels
When he arrived it was burnig
And you feel this hatred, this rage
Of a man who lost everything in prison
It's about the boys and the state burns, the airstream is passing by
Through the night, a dildo in the *ss and its *ss is burning
Your girlfriend is here and she may as well stay here too
One slap and the death, like the same dial tone
I have a Base-contract and it's useful
I do not know your number, d*mn, I won't accept your call anyways
You become older and the environment becomes small
My heart turns into stone
It's a setting
I know
And I come to the point where it's
The end or a fight
The end is achieved with bullets
And that's why I create pressure until I know it
And I decide on my own, who is going to leave or stay
Sonny,Nyze, EGJ the phenomenon
Platinum-Rap, so beautiful, knucks, pepper spray
I am in the west, the summer s*cked
And the light goes on in the club when we fight each other
It's really true, use drugs and your sorrows go away
You get a number and then wait until the counter closes down
We are ill, and ill are the things we see
Nevertheless none of you will be able to get us out of our setting
And it's all only about health
And we pray for it every day that everyone here stays healthy
But they push needles into their bodies and they burn
And the guardians spread our wings in the city of angels
Postat de Steena la Miercuri, 21/07/2010 - 19:50

Stadt der Engel

Ich schreibe den Track hier für die Ghettos, für die Blocks und Gesocks,
Ich bleib wach, komm in der Nacht, zieh dich ab wie ein Snob,
deine Gesellschaft macht Geld man, ich will meinen Anteil,
Zelle 139 und du triffst auf den Randstein,
den Smok den ich Atme, den Beton in der Brust,
du willst Beef, keep it real, Junge komm ich habe lust,
high society, wir kommen denn Picasso Celaviè,
Therapie, du hast Stil egal fick dich ins Knie,

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