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Stop, move, I am not listening to you
Everything is, like it has always been
Stop, let me go, I was out of temper
[your] phrases are not going to get you anywhere
Less loud words, I'll wave them off
I'll smile silently, that will be the answer
Tonight we are not together, and are erasing days
Where we have been together, truthfully, we have let go
I know, that there is not much truth
But I looked for it
Stay, don't disappear
I'm waiting, keep that in mind
Stop, this is everything, that I could get out of me
It's empty and it's dark
Stop, not another step
I don't want to reach out, and it is funny
So many loud words, hate them all
I'll turn around, and in return
Где мы были вместе, честно, отпустили
Я знала, что мало, там правды,
Останься, не исчезай
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Stop (Стоп)

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