Secret [ Tajna (Тајна) ]

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You and me are everlastting losers
we put our love at stake
for the one who loves us real
we give even our heart
And you are the one
that knows me for years
and knows me well
I know you are the one
who is burning secretly for me
but doesn't admit that
How many years
should pass for you to admit
How much time you going to keep
our secret that you hide
for so many years
When you fall in depression
my advices are your cure
They say I'm your weak point
for all this years
Postat de saninova77 la Vineri, 09/12/2011 - 14:23

Tajna (Тајна)

Јас и ти сме вечни лузери
На коцка љубов ставаме
За оној кој не сака вистински
Ние и срце даваме
А ти си оној кој
Со години ме знае
И ме познава

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