Trace of the wedding ring (Trag od burme)

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Trace of the wedding ring

May it be a sin to you
Every breath of mine
And tear beginning( to run)
May everything of me be a sin to you
I'm at the wedding,you see; yours
They even allow the uninvited sometimes
I'm hiding the trace of the wedding ring in vain
When I have your name on my hand
Ref. 2x
I came to see you
To give that picture to my eyes
To tell you through this act
That you still exist within me
I don't adorn myself with somebody else's soul
I just keep that which is mine
That you still exist within me
My arrival is a confirmation
Maybe it is all the same to you now
That you now see me here
But remember: my gift is
The first tear to run down your face
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Trag od burme

Nek ti je haram
svaki moj uzdah
i suza što krene
nek ti je haram od mene sve
Na svadbi sam, vidiš tvojoj
i nezvane nekad prime
zalud krijem trag od burme

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