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traducere în Engleză

Vaaratar (A woman of the fjeld)

Not a birth like others
but from ashes has the bones been created
She breathes fire
but without love is so restless
When she arrives she seems like the last light
She takes the heart and fades to the night
Vaaratar (A woman of the fjeld)
So under her feet
snakes die
So arrives Vaaratar
and the flames of ruin lick her hair
Death she could bring
Death she can't have
since she got the immortal life
Nor can she love
only sadness love has brought
Life of eternity holds only agony
The night of memories never allowing her peace
So comes Vaaratar
So comes Vaaratar
The flames of ruin lick her hair
Death she could bring
Postat de Crithach la Miercuri, 28/03/2012 - 14:41
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Comentariile autorului:

I decided to leave the word 'Vaaratar' without a translation every time because in Finnish it seems to be something like the name of the woman, but it would mean 'the woman of the fjeld/arctic hill'.



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