Red wine (Vino crveno)

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Red wine

This night is like living ink
so it spills heavily from the sky
I am ruined completely
by this wine that runs down my chests
I had to get drunk
to heal wounds of my heart
I am looking for someone to fight with
only to forget her for a moment
Like restless sea
my thoughts are fighting
to win everything
because times are hard
and my life is like a mistake
without her
Red wine is running inside my veins
every glass is kissing me like her lips
let the death come tonight, I am not afraid
I don't need a life to live without that woman
A morning won't wait for me
to cool the crazy head at least
I am a half man without her
that's why I'll do many things tonight
Her mother shouldn't expect her back
I brought my friends
everything from the sea to Belgrade
will know when I brought her home
There are four keys from paradise
and only one step keeps me away
from the end
because times are hard
and my life is like a mistake
without her
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Vino crveno

Ova noc k'o zivo mastilo
pa se s' neba tesko razliva
ala me je upropastilo
ovo vino sto se niz grudi proliva
Morao sam da se napijem
srcu rane da oporavim
trazim nekog da se pobijem

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