I Saw A Homeless (Vitti Na Crozza)

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I Saw A Homeless

I saw a homeless person on top of a cannon,
I was curious and I wanted to ask.
She answered with great pain.
She died without a ring of a bell.
“My years, my years are gone.
My years, my years are gone and I don't know where.
Now when I am 80 years old,
I am calling death and it answered me:
“Make, make my bed
Because the worms will eat everything
If you don't repent in this life."
"I will repent in the next life with broken tears.”
There is a garden in the middle of the sea.
It is filled with oranges and flowers.
All the birds go to sing there,
Even the mermaids go to make love there.
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Vitti Na Crozza

Vitti na crozza supra nu cannuni 
fui curiuso e ci vossi spiare 
idda m'arrispunniu cu gran duluri 
murivi senza un tocco di campani. 
Si nni eru si nni eru li me anni 
si nni eru si nni eru un sacciu unni 
ora ca sugnu vecchio di ottant'anni 

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