Vladimir Central Prison [ Vladimirskii Tsentral (Владимирский централ) ]


Vladimirskii Tsentral (Владимирский централ)

Весна опять пришла и лучики тепла
Доверчиво глядят в моё окно.
Опять защемит грудь
И в душу влезет грусть
По памяти пойдёт со мной.
Владимирский централ, ветер северный.
Этапом из Твери, зла немеренно.
Лежит на сердце тяжкий груз.
Владимирский централ, ветер северный.
Хотя я банковал, жизнь разменяна,
Но не очко, обычно, губит – а к одиннадцати туз.
Пойдёт, разворошит!
И вместе согрешит
С той девочкой, что так
Давно любил.
С той девочкой ушла,
С той девочкой пришла.
Забыть её не хватит сил.
Там, под окном, ЗК.
Проталина тонка.
И всё ж, ты, недолга,
Моя весна.
Я радуюсь, что здесь
Хоть это-то, но есть.
Как мне твоя любовь нужна.
Postat de algebra la Joi, 25/11/2010 - 15:54
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Vladimir Central Prison

Versiuni: #1#2#3
spring have come again and rays of warmness
Look at my window trustfully.
Again I feel my heart ached
And sadness will get into soul
Will remember my memories with me.
Vladimir Central Prison, northern wind*
Deported from Tver', a lot of evil.
In the heart lying heavy load to bear.
Vladimir Central Prison, northern wind.
No matters that I betted, life is decided
But always kills not pip, but ace regarding 11(???, I'm not good at card games)
He will go, will ruffle!
And they will sin
Together with girl that
He had loved long ago.
(Spring) gone with this girl,
(Spring) come with this girl
There isn't power to forget her.
There out the window is prisoner.
Thawed patch is light.
And although you are short
My spring.
I'm glad because here
I have at least it.
I need your love so much.
Postat de Nemesida la Duminică, 28/11/2010 - 16:16
Comentariile autorului:

It corrected lyrics, firstly there was name of criminal Sasha Severniy but he had sued and lyrics was changed. If you substitute "Sasha Severniy" for "veter severniy" there is more meaning.

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algebra     Noiembrie 28th, 2010

Oh thank you very much for your translation and explanations. I'm also no good on cards and "к одиннадцати туз." is also a mystery to me because it would be necessary to know what kind of card game he's talking about. Apart from it, your translations cleared up my doubts, thank you Smile

nickm     Aprilie 22nd, 2011

He's talking about "ochko", Russian version of blackjack with 36-card deck. An ace is valued only as 11 points, and a player who gets an ace to eleven points losses the game.

Miro Klose     Octombrie 5th, 2012
godness.jesus     August 29th, 2013

well not bad