Where Am I When I Sleep? (Wo bin ich, wenn ich schlafe)

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Where Am I When I Sleep?

Where am I when I sleep?
I am I still here
Or on another side
And very, very close to you?
The clock simply stands still
I fly through time and space
Where am I when I sleep?
What happens when I dream?
Suddenly it's light
and the camera turns on
I'm running through the desert
as fast as I can run
I've been running for seven hours
I feel as strong as never before
But then the film is at an end
Where did this energy come from?
Where am I when I sleep? ...
Suddenly I see myself from above
And I look strange
I'm caught in a labyrinth
and can't find my way out
I try to stand up
but I sink to my knees
And then the film is at an end
Where is my energy?
Where am I when I sleep? ...
Doesn't matter where the journey goes?
Far away or a little bit?
I know from every dream with luck
I'll come back in any case
Some worlds are very real
Some are just imagination
But where I am is very real
I feel your energy
Where am I when I sleep?...
Postat de Brickie78 la Joi, 23/07/2015 - 23:53

Wo bin ich, wenn ich schlafe

Questionfinder     Iulie 24th, 2015

I just edited the song, as the lyrics were incorrect. Changes:

Ich renne 9 - 10 Stunden---->Ich renn' seit sieben Stunden
Ich bin im Labyrinth gefangen--------->Bin im Labyrinth gefangen
wer nahm sich meine Energie?----->Wo ist meine Energie?

And major changes to the last stanza.

Brickie78     Iulie 24th, 2015

Translation duly tweaked!

Questionfinder     Iulie 24th, 2015

erm...edited again...this time it's right. I'm quite sure now Smile Sorry about that. The change is the first two lines of the last stanza (they shouldn't be questions) and I made "jenem" to "jedem", real to "egal"

Questionfinder     Iulie 24th, 2015

On the translation

I think something like

"I know that, luckily, I always come back from every dream" is what's meant in that last stanza.

"Mancher Welt ist ganz real
Manche ist nur Phantasie"

This means "much of the world is completely(very) real and much of it is just fantasy"

Hansi K_Lauer     Iulie 24th, 2015

>"Bin ich dann noch hier" =
Am I still here

>"Was passiert mit mir im Traum?" =
What happens with me when I dream? or
What happens to me when I dream?

>"Doesn't matter where the journey goes?
Far away or a little bit?
Don't put questionmarks here

>"doch wo ich bin ist ganz egal"
But no matter wherever I am