Our Times [ Wo men de shi guang (我們的時光) ]

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Our Times

The sun above our heads burns with the after-heat of youth
It never gives up on lighting our way
The bitter-cold winter does not bypass this place, what you see are just mountains and forests shrouded in fog
Feel the dampened taste after crossing the ancient stone bridges
After crossing this mountain, you say you see people with bamboo hats atop their heads
The sea breeze caresses the coconut trees, dissipating the dust and grime from the journey
This is like another world, separate from the bustling cities
May our tired bodies rest here for a long time
The times in Xiamen is our times
The waves of the ocean threshes our yearnings
When will our singing voices be heard again in the valleys
The happy times have passed, those days are engraved in my mind
Our times are times with no worries
Those exciting times will remain unchanged
Those uninhibited laughter often ring in my ears
Those steps we’ve taken on the road will never be covered and hidden away
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Wo men de shi guang (我們的時光)


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