I'm stronger [ Ya Sil'ney (Я Сильней) ]

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I'm stronger

I'm not going to shoot
In your temple
Don't make a show that you are the world
I'll endure everything
You should know that this semblance is like a game
We won't die happily - oh, we won't
You are different with others
Only you can make me lose control so beautifully
I'm stronger than your winter
I'm warmer than your heat
I'm not waited for you for long time
I don't care
You should understand that I'm stronger
Why do you make me feel pain again?
Don't step on the gas - be more modest*
I'm near to abyss...just let me go forever.
You lose me turning clouds to salt,
Hardly we are able to become warmer
Always I played somebody else's roles in your dreams for you...
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Step on the gas - try to play main role

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Ya Sil'ney (Я Сильней)

Я не выстрелю в весок себе...
Не надо делать вид, что мир это ты
Я все вытерплю ,знаешь это видимость, как игра!
Не погибнем мы счастливыми - о нет.
не похожа ты на других
Только ты умеешь так красиво вывести из себя...

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