Why Do We Need Words? [ Zachem nujny slova? (Зачем нужны слова?) ]

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Why Do We Need Words?

Why do we need words?
It is all clear without them -
We are moving back
With a silent caravan
To the beginning. All from the beginning.
The life is not multiple.
A melody was sounding noiselessly, irrevocably.
You remember how all has been,
So sincerely, childishly.
When we returned from a rear,
We swore in German.
Covered with the snow,
Undressed with love.
The walk turned into the run,
The water mixed with the blood.
You see everything, you hear everything,
You know how all will be.
What we had in the past,
You weigh all, judge.
I was sentenced by you,
By you, with your separation.
The soul tore off the body.
The arrow went off the bow.
I am breaking my fingers,
I am biting your lips.
When we whirled in a dance
We deafened pipes.
When the sun went out,
We were singing and laughing.
We were afraid to come up
To an opened window.
It is so strange that
We have met again.
Now it is all clear for us.
What is new, it is alien to us.
Nothing is eternal now
Under an eternal moon.
We are running in the middle
And catching the halves of words.
Catching the halves...
Catching the halves...
Catching the halves...
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Zachem nujny slova? (Зачем нужны слова?)

Зачем нужны слова нам?
Нам все без слов понятно.
Безмолвным караваном
Мы движемся обратно
К началу. Все с начала,
Ведь жизнь не многократна.
Мелодия звучала бесшумно, безвозвратно.

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perevod     Iunie 6th, 2012

Спасибо, Татьяна. уж не знаю стоит ли исправлять (так тоже не плохо звучит:)) но всё же "Кусаю ТВОИ губы" он поёт,.. хотя, да, в текстах на сайтах "свои" значится.

Felice1101     Iunie 7th, 2012

Да не за что. Я перевела согласно тексту. А то, что он поёт по-разному, то иногда исполнитель меняет слова при интерпретации муз. произведения. Это нормально. Innocent