Ballerina (Balerina)

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the eyes of a small ballerina
i met by chance yesterday
waited for years and loved

Long summers passed by
but I knew that it/she would come
it would flower like a flower
one crazy, warm night

one little ballerina
which dances in my heart
I waited for and loved for years

long summers passed by
but I knew it/she would come
one crazy, warm night

only I don't know if she would like
that game/dance which she isn't allowed/which she doesn't know
or if she perhaps has fallen in love
with the sad rhymes of my song

I don't know if she wants me
if she desires me
in that world full of loneliness
where by chance
we met

Добавлено san в вт, 23/12/2008 - 15:14


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