Текст песни Enanitos Verdes: Amigos


Enanitos Verdes: Amigos

No importa el lugar It does not matter the place
el sol es siempre igual. the sun is always the same.
No importa si es recuerdo It does not matter if its a memory
o es algo que vendrá. Or its something that will come.
No importa cuanto hay en tus bolsillos hoy It does not matter how much is in your pocket
sin nada hemos venido y nos iremos igual. Since we've come with nothing, and we will
leave the same way (with nothing)
Pero siempre estarán en mi But they will always be with me
esos buenos momentos que pasamos sin saber. Those good times we spend without knowing
No importa donde estas It does not matter where you are
si vienes o si vas, la vida es un camino, If you come or you go, life is a trail,
un camino para andar. A trail to walk on.
Si hay algo que esconder, If there is something to hide,
o hay algo que decir siempre será un amigo Or something to say it will always be a friend
el primero en saber. the first one to know

Coro Chorus:
/ Porque siempre estarán en mi / Because they always be in me
esos buenos momentos que pasamos sin saber those good times that we spend without
que un amigo es una luz knowing, that a friend is a light
brillando en la oscuridad shining in the darkness
siempre serás mi amigo you will always be my friend
no importa nada más . / <3 no matter what./ <3

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I've always liked this song, so I might as well translate it. Hope you guys like it. Gracias.