Padam Padam


Padam Padam


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Padam Padam

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This tune which haunts me day and night
This tune wasn't written today
It comes from as far away as I come
Trawled around by a hundred thousand musicains
One day this tune will drive me mad
A hundred times I've wanted to say why
But it's interrupted me
It always speaks before i do
And its voice drowns out my voice

It comes running up behind me
It plays me the trick of: do you remember
C'est un air qui me montre du doigt
Et je traîne après moi comme un drole d'erreur
Cet air qui sait tout par cœur

It says: "Remember your loves
Remember cos it's your turn
There's no reason why you shouldn't cry
Encumbered with your memories
"And me, I see again those who remain
My 20 years make the drum beat
I see the succession of gestures flash by
All the comedy of love
To this tune which just keeps playing

Des "je t'aime" de quatorze-juillet
The 'always's which we buy on the cheap
Des "veux-tu" en voilà par paquets
Et tout ca pour tomber juste au coin d'la rue
Sur l'air qui m'a reconnue
Listen to the commotion which it causes me
Comme si tout mon passé défilait
You need to keep some sorrow for later
I've got scores full in this tune which beats.
Which beats like a wooden heart

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    октября 1st, 2009

très belle traduction qui respecte parfaitement l'esprit de la chanson!

    октября 19th, 2009

Smile i really like this song. my name is padam. while i search something from my name, i found this song. i cannot understand the franch but i like the tune of this song. actually i am from nepal.

lilolme     сентября 25th, 2010

In my language, malayalam, padam (prounounced paaddam) means a lesson.