the roamer [ Skitnik (Скитник) ]

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the roamer

before say goodbye,
my dearest one
i want to tell u smth
that u didnt know
im noone's and nobody can give me orders
I am flying free like a bird
im findin happiness for myself
I know that in your world you are the chief/ the head
u have ur rules
noboby ever
reject u
and i am haughty and cold
love cant touch me
i know maybe its sad
but thats true
не си моја девојка
некам да те лажам
ниту грам од срцево
нема да ти дадам
there is one truth
im tellin u sincerily
dear,im a wild wind
like a roamer, I am always wandering
u r just a page for me
from big book
on which only a quarter
is writtin
u have 305 faces
and fake(lie) smile
with me what you see
is what you get
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Skitnik (Скитник)

Пред збогум да ти речам
Моја најмила
Сакам нешто да ти кажам
Што не си знаела
Не сум ничии и никој не ме поседува
Летам слободен ко птица
Среќа сам си наоѓам
Во твојот свет знам ти си главна


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