why to blame on you?


Allumak Leh

ألومك ليه
حبيبى أنا أولى ألوم روحى
ولا أعذرها
وعارف ليه
عشان قدام عنيا حقيقة وبنكرها
عينيك تايهين
ايديك دى كأن اخر مرة حمسكها
أساسا مين
بقى بيهتم بالحاجة اما يملكها
ويا خسارة
محدش فينا نفذ وعد
يا خسارة
محدش فينا خاف م البعد
ومش حاسين بقيمة بعض
يا خسارة
حلال يا عمري ولا حرام
منتغير مع الايام
بقينا اتنين غراب عن بعد
بأيدك ايه
و انا بايديا ايه وانا اتحمل
اقولك ايه
اكيد انت و انا كان نفسنا نكمل
ده بينا كتير
حاجات حلوه حتتحول خلاص ذكرى
ويمكن خير
محدش داري ايه مكتوب لنا بكرا


why to blame on you?

Why to blame on you?
Baby, I should blame my soul and not forgive it
And you know why?
Because on front of my eyes a fact I do ignore it
Your eyes are lost
It's like it's the last time to touch your hands
Basically who
Cares about the thing when he owns it?
And what a loss!
Non of us kept his promise
What a loss!
Non of us was afraid of separation
What a loss!
Non of us kept his promise
Non of us was afraid of separation
And we aren't appreciating each other's value
What a loss!
Is it allowed ,baby, or forbidden
We change with days
We became strangers to each other
What's on your hand?
And what's on my hand? ,tell me, and I'll bear
What to tell you? Sure, you and I wanted to continue
We had it all
Beautiful things will turn into memories
And maybe it's good
Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

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