I will learn (Aprenderé)

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I will learn

I will learn
Not to suffer when a friend mentions your name
To bear the whipping of the nights
When desire becomes one with your name
And I try to call you
I will learn
To get along with my memories without it hurting me
To convince myself that it's not worth it to love
Someone with passion not to be loved back
And I'll learn to think about you without crying
I'll learn to wake up without your kisses
And to accept that I don't have you by my side anymore
I will learn
To forget you, to tear you from my chest
From my skin and from my heart
I will learn
To deny to myself
That I love you like I've never loved before
I will learn
To get all this love out of my veins
I will learn
To control my emotions
When I run into you
Not to write or to dedicate any more songs to you
To behave as if I were a man that
Doesn't hurt anymore
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A no sufrir cuando un amigo te mencione
A soportar los latigazos de la noche
Cuando el deseo se me junte con tu nombre
Y te trate de llamar
A convivir con los recuerdos sin que duela


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