Songs about Janis Joplin

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Here a collection dedicated to my favourite artist and the songs written about her...

Janis Joplin was an extraordinary singer, she left this world way too early...

исполнитель | United States Rock Psychedelic

The band she rose to fame with.

Leonard Cohen wrote this song about her.

Janis was always looking for love and had a deep impact on the ones that met her.

Переводы:  Немецкий

Joan Baez' sister Mimi Fariña wrote this beautiful song about Janis' death.

Переводы:  Немецкий

A tribute written by Julianne Regan of the band "All About Eve".

A song by the Spanish band Gabinete Caligari, dedicated to Janis and referring to a bourbon called "Four Roses" that she supposedly liked to drink.

Janis wanted her friends to have a party at her funeral and had 2,500 $ alotted in her will for that. The invitations read "The drinks are on Pearl".

Port Arthur was Janis' hometown.