Domenico Modugno - Come stai (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

How are you

How are you?
I was thinking about you, you know? So strange, right here, where everything ended
Meet each other again
It doesn't seem me true
Maybe I'm dreaming
Yet no
It's really you!
It's really you!
It's really you!
How are you?
Since then, tell me,
Have you ever thought about me?
I've thought of you, yes
I've regretted you, yes
I looked for you
I looked for you
I'm speechless
Let me look at you
You haven't changed
How are you?
How are you?
My love
What a joy you give me!
Since the day it ended
I have a big frost here
That's melting suddenly
No, nothing has happened
This time hasn't existed
I love you
As before
Maybe more
Maybe more
How are you?
You're beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
More than ever
It's appreciable your pain
Marvellous love
That doesn't want to die
What are you doing?
Are you crying
In my arms?
How are you?
Since then
It's been so long
But ours
Has been a wonderful love
That we have lived
Instant by instant
Then my partner
Has made me a big spite
She has left
For a journey from which
Is not possible to come back
But I'm still waiting for her
Because I'm sure she'll come back
And when she is back
I'll simply say
How are you?
I've been waiting for you so long and you know it
You understand my pain
Marvellous love
That doesn't want to die
Don't tell me anything
Give me your hand
And silently
Bring me with you!
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Come stai

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