how to cansel incorrect reqest

I was adding translation requests for this song

and accidentally selected English----> English request

How to cancel this?

Miley_Lovato     августа 22nd, 2012

ok I will

lt     августа 22nd, 2012

Please contact mods or admins in such cases, songs should be "merged" if they appear twice. This is done to prevent others' translations removal.

Miley_Lovato     августа 21st, 2012

And what about song lyrics?For example if a song has been added twice how can I delete the one I want,cause since the website has changed I don't find the "Delete" button in the bottom of the page.

brightswan     августа 21st, 2012

you're welcome! Smile

    августа 21st, 2012

Thank you!

brightswan     августа 21st, 2012

Hi Sophia,
To cancel a request, go into "edit" mode (the edit button is in the upper left corner of the page and below the large red font requesting the translation. There is a "delete" button at the bottom of the page. Click on that and follow the directions further.
You'll need to be in the English request to find the edit button for that song.