One of many (Jedan od mnogih)


Jedan od mnogih

Ti, sudbino moja prokleta
meni si bila maćeha
dušu si moju slomila
sudbino, sudbino, sudbino prokleta
Nikad me nisi mazila
uvijek si druge pazila
dušu si moju gazila,
sudbino, sudbino, sudbino prokleta

Jer ja sam jedan od mnogih
sam pod zvijezdama,
jedan od mnogih
sam do očaja,
ljubavi žedan
težak nosim ja križ

Jedan od mnogih
sto koračaju
rukom u ruci
plavom beskraju
jedan od mnogih
koje razdire bol

Ti, sudbino moja prokleta...

Jer ja sam jedan od mnogih...

Добавлено amer26 в вт, 10/05/2011 - 01:05
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One of many

You, my damned fate
You were a stepmother to me
You crushed my soul
My fate, my fate, my damned fate
You never favored me
Always watched out for others
Kept stomping on my soul
My fate, my fate, my damned fate

Because I am one of the many
Who're alone under the stars
One of the many,
Who're alone with despair,
Thirsty with love
A heavy cross I carry

One of the many,
who are roaming
a hand in another,
towards the blue moon
One of the many,
whose pain is tearing them apart

You, my damned fate..

Because I am one of the many..

Добавлено amer26 в вт, 10/05/2011 - 02:34

I didn't look to translate it word for word, but phrase for phrase and as well the overall meaning of the song. Some parts, to translate them correctly, have to sound longer.. so it prevents you from singing it in English, but at least you'll know what it's about.

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