You are so beautiful


You are so beautiful

You can't know
The way you screw up your eyes when you get up
(The way) you meet the dawn
I can't live without you

When you paint
Your watercolors on white papers
You hold my heart in your arms
But you even don't know it

You even don't know that you are so beautiful
You are so beautiful, you are so beautiful
And it's dangerous just to be near to you
Dangerous to be near, dangerous to be near

It's possible to go mad coz of happiness
It's seems that I'm blind, I can't see other women
I know only one thing, one thing is clear to me
That you are beautiful, you are so beautiful

When your arms
Touch waters of surf with foam carefully
When it's impossible
To believe that you aren't with me

When you sing along
With this my song listening to a radio
Both of us unite
You even don't know

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