Little Love [ Mikro Erotiko (Μικρό Ερωτικό) ]

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Little Love

Something goes around my mind
and sings to me a nice and beautiful song
like the flower I am holding.
Quietly voices talk with me
and they say that it lives inside me now
and it's the saint time on the seashore
and the heart is beating joyfuly
like that time when it had said with fire and wind
at it's little other half: I love you
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Mikro Erotiko (Μικρό Ερωτικό)

lyrics: Thanasis Gaifilias
music: Giorgos Voulgarakis
Κάτι μου γυρίζει στο μυαλό
και μου λέει ένα καλό κι όμορφο τραγούδι


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