No Title (Ti e Vrave Dashurine)


Ti e Vrave Dashurine

Me kot ... ti kerkon meshire
Dhe pse ... vishesh me te bardha
Shpirti im me kot shtegtin ... nuk je prap ... ajo e para
Tash vjen ... edhe ti me lutesh
Kerkon ... falje hic pa turp
Nuk e di ku merr guximin ... qe serish ... kthehesh tek une
Se ti e vrave dashurine ... edhe shkove pas nje hori
Paqe mes nesh s'mund te shtine
As ushtaret e Unproforit
Sot ti ... ndjenjat tua i nxorre
Mall pa vlere ... ne treg te zi
Dashuria humb kuptimin ... kur hin zemra ... n'llogari
Jo Jo ... nuk po ti dua
Flokt e rene ... ti shoh ne sy
Se ka vjaza plot Tetova (Bureli) ... e nuk mbahet ... vec me ty
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No Title

in vain you ask for compassion
and why do you dress in white
my heart travels on this trail in vain, your not the one you were before
now you come, and beg me
you ask for forgiveness without any shame
i don't know how you're bold and brave about it, time and time you come back to me
'cuz you killed the love, and left after along the village
they can't put peace between us
not even the soldiers of Unprofor
today you took out your feelings between us
land without value a dark market
love loses its meaning when the heart is accounted for
no no i don't want
to see your hair fall to your eyes
because Tetova is full of girls and i can no longer be just with you
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