Sing for Me Some More [ Poj mne jeschjo (Пой мне ещё) ]

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Sing for Me Some More

Sing for me some more
The record turns the other way
It's dark at home
Rustles and creaks
Drive me crazy
The day is over
The numbers have no meaning
The poppyseeds scattered onto the leaf
Sing for me some more
Taking out a cherished map from the sleeve
The teapot is whistling
A drop from the faucet
Falls down
A voice trembles
The door slammed shut - it's the wind
Holding onto the edge
As big as the universe
The pupils of the eye contracting
On the borders of these murky milleniums
In the water, it's up to their throat
The fishermen wait on the drifting iceberg
But you, sing for me some more
What I can change,
directed by my own shadow,
let know beforehand, a long time ago
that the years began counting down the other way
Anyone who has firearms at home,
is no different from Kurt Cobain
Anyone who can read between the lines,
Is doomed to keep firearms in the home.
Sing for me some more
I just know
That in the last moment,
When no one will believe you
A stranger on the tram stop will take you
And will cover you with his raincoat
At home they will tremble as the tram arrives
And when the doors open -
Sing for me some more
Sing for me some more
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Poj mne jeschjo (Пой мне ещё)

Пой мне еще
В обратную сторону крутится магнитофон
В доме темно
Шорохи, скрипы
Сводят с ума
Кончился день


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