Master of Puppets (sorry, Metallica) [ Puppenspieler ]

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Master of Puppets (sorry, Metallica)

The journey leads through forests and valleys
Over bridges, mountains and lands
Followed stars, tides and lanterns
Even if the way's not known
Make a stop in every street
In every town, however strange
Tell in a puppet show of life
In lantern light with every word
In every act, comic or tragic
In every picture you see yourself
The heavens seem to you then nearer
Fantasy as the door¹ to the world
And all the many weighty questions
And the fears you hold yourself
Suddenly seem so much lighter
For in the end the hero wins
Some time, once upon a time,
When the lanterns then twirl
Some time, once upon a time,
When the curtain then lifts
Some time, once upon a time,
Then you give me you applause
Some time, once upon a time,
I've arrived and I'm at home
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¹Literally 'gateway;' I just put 'door' for the meter.

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Die Reise führt durch Wald und Täler
Über Brücken Berg und Land
Folgte Sternen Flut und Lichtern
Ist der Weg auch unbekannt
Halte ein in jeder Strasse
An jedem noch so fremden Ort
Erzähl im Puppenspiel vom Leben


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