Samo edna [ Samo edna (Само една) ]

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Samo edna

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like the zebra black and white escaped days
I run with the life
run in different ways
u r going I'm, coming back
I'm dreaming bout u,someone else embracing
if I'm strong,but I'm shaking
u to find
only one(woman) I can love till the end
only one thought,with which to breath
only one-with her I'm alive and necessary
I have only a soul and it's for u
only one,only one,only one
my soul is searching ur soul
how many secrets I've hidden
and how many dreams I've waisted
how I was with no straight
when I wasn't there(in the dreams I suppose)
how much I ran,how much I stoped
how I was boran,how I died
u exist,u exist
stop getting lost!
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Samo edna (Само една)

Като зебрата черни и бели избягали дни,
със живота препускам,
препускам в различни страни,
ти отиваш, аз се връщам,
теб сънувам, друг прегръщам,
уж съм силен, но треперя
теб да намеря!


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