Intruded in our life (Se intrometeu)

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Intruded in our life

I want you so much, but no one allows it
I heard you are not cool for me
That you are used to smoke, drink beer
And that you are very different from me
Besides, with everybody
You've already left without choosing
Your past is so dark
I am afraid to try to figure it out
But my mind thinks different
'Cause who doesn't have a past
And doesn't give me any gift
But I'd like to give a gift in the future.
What do people have to do with it?
Intruded in our life, intruded in our life
People have gotten into our life
Intruded in our life, intruded in our life
And now we can see us only hidden from others
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Se intrometeu

Te quero tanto e ninguém deixa
Dizem que você não é legal pra mim
Que você fuma, bebe cerveja
E é muito diferente de mim
E além de tudo, com todo mundo
Você já saiu sem escolher
O teu passado é tão escuro