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Why do I want this thing between us
To happen easily I don't know.
Why do my eyes understand your eyes
Is it planned for us to get together, it's enough to just count.
1- be quiet, 2- get closer, 3/4- don't torture me,
5-kiss my lips, we've reached 6 right?
And then 7,7,7 enough counting let's get together
I can only last from 1 to 7,
Who said 7,7,7 it's time
For this long foreplay to stop now.
Why do you make me see ahead (the future)
I can even see the details with you.
And it's as if someone has arranged the kisses and the shivers
Was all this planned for me and you to get together, it's enough to just count
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Sedem (Седем)

Защо ми се иска това между нас,
по лесния начин да стане не знам.
Защо очите ти с очите ми се разбират сами,
дали това е схема с тебе да се вземем само да преброим.
1 -замълчи, 2 -доближи, 3/4 -не ме мъчи,
5 -целуни устните ми ти, стигнахме до 6 нали?
И после 7,7,7 стига брояхме да се вземем,


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