Kiek daug šviesų šitam mieste
Ir aš apsvaigus
Šoku jam
Tokia basa, tokia nuoga
Jog jis nemato

Kiek daug veidų šitam mieste
Ir jie man kalba
Apie tai, ką jau žinau,
Bet taip norėčiau tai pamiršti

Kas sugrąžins į baltą pradžią mano širdį
Mano širdį
Kas, kas
Mano širdį



How many lights in this city
And I'm dizzy
Dance for him
So barefoot, so naked
That he can't see

How many faces in this city
And they talk to me
About what I've already known
But I really want to forget

Who will bring my heart to white start
My heart
Who, who
My heart

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algebra     июня 7th, 2011

Hi, Miglushka, I just read your translation and I wonder if "white start" is some sort of idiom. The phrase "Who will bring my heart to white start" is not making sense at least in my mind. I'm sorry, I'm not English native, maybe my question is utter silly Sad

Miglushka     июня 7th, 2011

Hi algebra. Your question is not silly. Smile "White start" is not idiom. I'm not sure what song writer had in mind when he/she wrote that line. It maybe means "positive", "good" start. I can't say correctly. I hope I helped you. :redface:

algebra     июня 8th, 2011

Now I get it, maybe like a blank new page, thank you very much. I hope you stay a long time around here showing more of Lithuanian language/music. People who know Hungarian, Georgian and Lithuanian are really rare around here =)