It's all okay (Sve je u redu)

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It's all okay

I'm here at your doorstep
It has already dawned
Furiously you open the door for me
I'm putting on new eyeshadow
I'm fixing my blush
Like I'm going on stage again
Well, I don't have it in me to defend myself with lies
That I sustain your male vanity
That what needed to happen, has happened
Why are you jealous
All by itself, that's how it happens
Sometimes you wake up at someone else's address
There's no use discussing who's right
When you loose your head after a crazy night
All by itself, that's how it happens
That your not yourself because of a stranger's lips
Tomorrow at an old, logical pace
Let your lips seduce me again
And it's all is okay
I'm only passing by
Don't inflict a defeat on me
Love will conquer all
Sometimes a deceit
Is only a dance of nerves
How much you can and how much you're allowd to do
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Sve je u redu

Evo me na pragu tvom
odavno je svanulo
otvaras mi bijesan ko ris
stavljam novo sjenilo


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