Got A Hit On My Heart (Sydämeni osuman sai)

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Got A Hit On My Heart

I got a hit on my heart
Maybe the arrow is from Amor's quiver
It sinked so deep
Like it would be stuck forever
I shake because of it
Even though it hurts, I don't moan
I lived in my world
I thought that something like you
couldn't disturb its peace
But just wait
You come into my sleep,
you're mine, you're in my dreams
at days and nights, I only miss
My heart in your hand
I get weak when I fall in love
I give my heart to you
I hope you will share yours with me
My soul is in a fog
I search for you and I'm restless
I want to fall in your arms
That's because of your smile
I can't wait for your touch
I fall on my knees
You can keep all of me
I'm in a journey to your lap
I don't moan...
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Sydämeni osuman sai

Sydämeni osuman sai
Nuoli on Amorin viinistä kai
Syvälle se upposi niin
Aivan kuin jäädäkseen iäksi kii
Iskusta sen mä vavahtelen
Vaikka se sattuu, mä vaikeroi en


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