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Something restrains me
An excuse that's keeping me here like an unending rain
I finally make up your mind, you look up, and again, I freeze up.
Ah will tomorrow clear up.

Speechless, I look at the fine weather.
My glare that doesn't lose to the radiant morning sun
Now matter how many times it breaks, It's a hard intention like a stone
And again, it came piling down.

For some reason I was searching for something
Trying to haggle, I deceived my own self
and lost sight of all, and again I pulled myself back together
Ah- It's happening again?

It's Faint--- I can hear it
Someones laughing voice, someones crying voice,
They now, join bring the world together.

Hand in hand
In the end, we were always able to understand each other
The answer to "if" is a clue
Start flapping your wings where the road of hesitation starts to intersect.
'Deux en un' (*Two in one*)

This is completely someone elses...
Is that "someone else" another me? It's like I'm seeing another persons dream.
When did I come to know even that pain, Memory fades little by little
Does it merely just all disappear?

It resounds in the heart
A completely honest smile, and an awkward motive
They now, join the world together.

Heart to heart
I always want to have it in this heart.
The answer to if is confusion
A heart that's frightened by a sensation that's as if busting out, is
'Deux en un'

I felt like a couldn't turn back, and I stood at new crossroads
Until the day that we meet again, lets stay connected through these skies.

Hand in hand
In the end, we were always able to understand each other
If we don't go together, there's no use to it
Let's start flapping about wings from the road of 'ifs' we continued from.
'Deux en un'

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